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Quit being so hard on yourself…

Seriously… stop it.

Most of the time we are our own worst enemies. Often beating ourselves up for not being the kind of parent we thought we’d be, or not doing that workout that we had planned to do, or just plain old feeling worthless because we were tired today.

Stop it. It’s not necessary. We live in a society of extremes. Everything is taken to the “nth” degree. And it’s absolutely ridiculous. I often find myself in the same cycle of wanting to accomplish so much in such a small amount of time and then feeling worthless for not completing the goal I had in my head. It’s anxiety inducing.

And then I think “what kind of example am I setting for our girls?” To place self worth on how many aprons I sewed today? On whether or not I did that workout?

Each day is a new opportunity to be at peace with yourself. Moving forward I am going to stop placing deadlines on myself. I want to enjoy each day and not worry about what I accomplish and when. I will get there. We will all get there. But we should enjoy the journey and not stress about the end goal.

Enjoy your journey!